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Water & Industrial Filtration

In both water treatment and chemical manufacturing, purity is essential, and precision engineering makes it possible.

Critical filtration applications pose a host of scientific challenges, and Essentra’s mastery of porous material production and design creates the most effective filtration solutions. Customized microfiber and nano filtration media, available in a wide variety of formulations, can meet and exceed the most demanding requirements. 

From industrial to consumer use, our engineers leverage advanced porous material technologies and cutting-edge R&D for customized elimination of contaminants and impurities.


Nylon Melt Blown Filter Cartridges photo

Nylon Melt Blown Filter Cartridges

Essentra’s nylon filter cartridges bring flexibility, durability, and dependable quality to diverse filtration applications.   

Engineered for absolute fiber purity and consistency, our filter cartridges provide optimized dirt-holding capacity, low pressure drop, high filtration efficiency, and long lifespans. 100% melt blown nylon microfibers are binder free and thermally treated for reliable performance in the most challenging environments. 

With exceptional chemical and thermal resistance alongside a wide range of customizable options, you can rely on our filter cartridges for your most critical filtration needs.   

  • For use with: hydrocarbons, special and organic chemicals, paints, inks, solvents, amine streams, lacquers, and more
  • Maximum 250°F operating temperature
  • Available in 5, 10, and 25 micron ratings
  • 10”, 20”, 30”, 40” lengths
  • Custom diameters
  • With or without nylon cores
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Seamless Carbon Block Pre-Filter photo

Seamless Carbon Block Pre-Filter

Essentra’s seamless filter sleeves offer advanced porous materials and structural integrity to pre-filtration.
Thick polyolefin walls allow for maximum flow and high efficiency, quickly removing sediment particulates from water bound for carbon block filtration. Seamless, unified design enables easy assembly while eliminating the risk of downstream contamination due to seam failure.
With fully customizable dimensions, fiber sizes, pore sizes, and densities, our seamless pre-filters extend the life and boost the performance of any carbon filter.

  • 5 - 30 micron fiber size range
  • 0.05 - 0.30 g/cc density range
  • 10 - 50 lbf compression force range
  • Reduces cost-to-assemble and improves cycle times   
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  • Filtration image Filtration

Sintered Carbon Blocks photo

Sintered Carbon Blocks

Essentra’s custom and industry-standard sized sintered carbon blocks suit the requirements of OEMs worldwide. 

Produced using FDA compliant raw materials and the finest grades of activated carbon, our sintered carbon blocks deliver superior performance to a variety of water and gas purification applications. 

Specialized pore structures yield homogenous performance throughout, minimizing pressure drop and producing consistent flow rates.

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Porous Plastic Tubes photo

Porous Plastic Tubes

Produced from UHMW polyethylene polymers, Essentra’s high-quality seamless porous plastic tubes offer full ranges of customizations, including rigidity, resiliency, and lengths up to 2m and ODs up to 750mm.

With hydrophobic or hydrophilic options and high chemical and abrasion resistance, our porous plastic tubes are ideal for wastewater treatment, electroplating, metal working, food and drink, aeration/diffusion, water purification, desalination, organic phase separation, and more.

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Lofty Nano Filtration Media photoLearn more

Lofty Nano Filtration Media

Essentra’s lofty nano filtration media harnesses cutting-edge nanofiber technology for extremely high efficiencies across wide-ranging applications.  

Fiber sizes as low 500 nanometers combined with high media loft provide the ideal solution for specialized filtration—removing and trapping minute contaminants and particulates while maintaining minimal pressure drops.   

Essentra’s pure production and advanced fiber entanglement offer the best of both worlds—safe for medical use yet robust enough for chemical processing.

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