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Essentra’s AquaSense™ active label technology controls dryness and humidity for enhanced product freshness while creating an interactive brand experience for consumers.

AquaSense™ combines a high-impact graphic label with a sophisticated absorbent pad. The pad is customized to absorb the optimal amount of water for humidifying the product it accompanies, and once wetted, displays a graphic that indicates AquaSense™ is ready for use.

The absorbent requires no measurement of water—just run under a faucet or drip water from a glass. Moisture is released in highly controlled evaporation rates for ideal product humidity. When the pad becomes dry, the graphic disappears, signaling that it’s time to rewet.

For any market with products that suffer from dryness—personal care and health, food and drink, household and industrial—AquaSense™ makes for a better customer experience, increasing shelf life while reinforcing the brand.

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