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Essentra’s expertise in material science keeps engines running smoothly.

Our bonded fiber filters offer increased durability, superior efficiency, and reduced media migration when compared to traditional automotive filters. Direct-formed, unified structural design increases robustness by eliminating seams and pleats, while lowering costs by reducing manufacturing waste.  

Our engineers apply advanced multi-density construction with full customizations in shape, size, and highly specialized filtration features. Essentra’s automotive filters provide a full range of performance advantages: 

  • Superior filtration and coalescing efficiency
  • Enhanced particle retention
  • Higher flow rates
  • Lower pressure drop


Crankcase Breathers photo

Crankcase Breathers

Essentra’s crankcase breathers (CCV) use cutting-edge porous technologies for contaminated blow-by gas protection.

Our direct-formed design offers the strength to withstand and remove the hot misted oil, aggressive hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and water coursing through hard-working engines.  

And our multi-density bonded fibers provide a safer, environmentally-friendly alternative to fiberglass with enhanced filtration efficiency and industry-leading low pressure drops.

  • Inside-to-out flow direction
  • Greater than 97% oil removal efficiency
  • Thermal stability greater than 120°C
  • Pressure drop (inches of water) less than 5
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Diesel-Water Separators photo

Diesel-Water Separators

Essentra’s diesel-water separators reduce engine oil vapor emissions without sacrificing engine performance.

Custom designed for high efficiency in “primary” or “water-removal” systems, our direct-formed filters provide exceptional flexibility for use with existing systems or as separate units. Essentra’s advanced multi-density bonded fibers offer ideal depth filtration – retaining particles throughout the entire filter media. 

During 500 hours of on-engine use, Essentra’s customizable direct-formed designs outperformed traditional diesel-water separators – reducing pollution and enhancing performance.

  • 95% single-pass water removal efficiency 
  • SAE J1488-2010 tested
  • Meets EPA standards
  • Excellent diesel fuel compatibility
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Shop Wipes photo

Shop Wipes

Maintaining clean engines and work stations can be a true challenge. Grease, oil, gas, and other automotive fluids are difficult to manage yet necessary to control.

Essentra’s lint-free, nonwoven shop wipes are perfect for everything from cleaning up spills to making glass shine – including engine wipe-downs for regular maintenance and final inspections.

Superior to scrim or air-lay but similarly priced, Essentra’s shop wipes are available in a variety of material blends, weights, and custom sizes.

  • Nonwoven polypropylene cellulose
  • Nonwoven polyester cellulose
  • Light, standard, and heavy weights
  • Made for versatile automotive and industrial wiping applications
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  • Multiple Blends
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