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Product Development

Porous solutions for engineering challenges


Enabling the Essential Functionalities

Writing instruments, surgical devices and industrial filters have something important in common—they depend on Porex Filtration Group for their essential liquid- and vapor-handling functionalities.

With more than 60 years of R&D in porous materials and components, Porex Filtration Group's custom design and manufacturing capabilities add strategic value to innovative products that cross industries and the world. 


The Science of Product Development

Custom engineering is the cornerstone of Porex Filtration Group. Our collaborative process identifies the ideal liquid- and vapor-handling solution for customer product commercialization.



Our customers’ products require broad ranges of liquid- and vapor-handling functionalities. Our engineers and scientists approach every problem strategically, analyzing layers of information and input for comprehensive problem solving and decision making.



These functions require our material science expertise and resources. Essentra’s bonded and nonwoven fiber, foam and porous plastic are applied to advanced product concepts—each concept is formed by dynamic idea generation and highly selective screening.

The chosen material is carefully selected based on your criteria—and the best material for the job may be unexpected. The traditional material choice can sometimes be inferior to alternate options, such as a substitution of fiber for porous plastic or even a combination of multiple materials.

Essentra's Material Selection Criteria
Finished MaterialsFiber: Bonded & NonwovenPorous PlasticFoam
Base MaterialsPP, HDPE, Nylon, PET, PBT, Cellulose, Acetate, & Other FibersHDPE, UHMWPE, Polyolefins, Polyamides, Acrylics, Styrenics Fluoropolymers, & Other PolymersPUR, Proprietary & Customizable Formulations (Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic)
Pore Sizes2 to > 100 Microns5 to > 250 Microns90 - 350 Microns
AdditivesActivated Carbon, Zeolites, Pigments, Surfactants, Reagents, & ConcentratesActivated Carbon, Self-Sealing, Zeolites, Pigments, Surfactants, Reagents, & ConcentratesAntimicrobials, Nanomaterials, Pharmaceuticals, Botanicals, Cosmetic Ingredients & Colorants
Medical GradesYesYesYes
Dimensional Forms2D & 3D2D & 3D2D & 3D



Porex Filtration Group's concept development, production and testing yield multiple choices for customers to analyze and evaluate against overall criteria for commercialization.

This is a dynamic and iterative process; steps and stages progress while being revisited and further refined according to evolving customer analysis and input.

Custom Engineering

  1. Prototyping: Proof-of-principle through final prototypes
  2. Customer Evaluations: Analysis of prototype performance and viability of integration into product
  3. Modifications & Enhancements: Technical refinement for optimal advantages in commercialization



Once the product solution is identified, our manufacturing process yields parts, components and assembled units of the highest quality.

Rigorous quality control and production standards and compliances ensure industry-leading consistency from the first to the last Porex Filtration Group product—no matter how many we make.

  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 compliances
  • Quality control labs at each manufacturing facility



Solutions across Industries and the World

Our global footprint extends through regional headquarters, sales offices, and manufacturing facilities across America, Asia and Europe. Independent supply chains and a united worldwide distribution network deliver fluid- and vapor-handling solutions to diverse customers, industries and markets.

  • Life Sciences
  • Medical & Surgical Devices
  • Advanced Wound Care
  • Personal Care & Cosmetics
  • Clean Wipes
  • Fragrance & Insecticide Delivery
  • Writing Instruments & Printing Ink Control
  • Water, Industrial & Automotive Filtration

Let Porex Filtration Group solve your fluid- and vapor-handling challenges. Contact us today and speak with a product development expert—we’re here to enable your success.