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Venting icon Venting

Releasing pressure without allowing liquid to escape

From medical device manufacturing to chemical processing, pressure ventilation is a critical function across industries. In surgical procedures, proper ventilation can keep lifesaving devices running smoothly. In chemical transportation and storage, proper ventilation keeps industrial containers from bloating, leaking, or exploding due to unequalized pressure. Ideal for all venting applications, Porex Filtration Group's porous materials offer customizable porosity and precise air flow rates, providing the perfect components for ventilation.

Our customer needed a vent with high air flow rates to enable strong suction that could also stop excess liquid from overflowing into electrical components if other pump mechanisms failed. We created a hydrophobic vent with ideal air flow rates that acted as a vacuum pump fail-safe – sealing out any excess liquids and warning users with a color change indicator. Our solution offered better pump ventilation and suction while ensuring safe and reliable system operation.