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Repellency icon Repellency

The process of keeping a liquid away from a specific area Repelling fluid while conducting uniform air flow

Materials and components that repel fluid are essential, especially in life science and clinical science applications. Reliable liquid repellency is necessary not only for preventing sample contamination but also for protecting sensitive equipment from contact with liquids. Many of Porex Filtration Group's hydrophobic materials and components feature extreme chemical resiliency – withstanding potentially harmful and corrosive liquids to enable a broad range of use.

Our customer needed pipette tip filters with enhanced overall performance for more reliable results. We created a porous yet hydrophobic pipette tip filter that satisfied or exceeded all pressure drop and filtration efficiency requirements while preventing liquid bypass. Our solution offered an easy-to-assemble filter tip with improved air flow uniformity and high-performance protection against contamination – delivering easier testing and more accurate results.