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The addition of active ingredients and custom additives for specialized performance

From material properties and formulations to dimensions and geometries, the proper handling of fluids and vapors requires great flexibility in customization. Utilizing active ingredients and custom additives enables a higher level of product functionality for specialized tasks. Porex Filtration Group's engineers use ingredients such as antimicrobials, activated carbon, zeolites, cyclodextrin complexes, self-sealing, pigments, surfactants, reagents, or concentrates for new layers of product performance – fighting infections in wound care dressings and removing specific chemicals in liquid filtration.

Case Study in Performance Optimization: Suction Canisters

Our customer needed an optimized component for operating room waste removal systems that would allow free air flow for surgical equipment while providing a fail-safe against liquid contaminants. We created a suction canister using porous plastic specially formulated for high air flow rates but also uniformly impregnated with a microscopic functional additive that reacts with any aqueous liquid, swelling exponentially in a self-sealing reaction. Our solution offered reliable waste removal suction while trapping harmful fluids on contact – preventing system leakage and contamination for the safety of patients and medical professionals.