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Filtration icon Filtration

The act of mechanically separating a mixture of solids and fluids

In automobiles, biotech laboratories, chemical treatment plants, and beyond, proper filtration plays a central role in critical applications. Filtration protects engines, purifies DNA, and provides clean drinking water to people across the world. And in both depth and surface filtration, and with liquids and gases, Porex Filtration Group's foam, bonded-fiber, and porous plastic filters offer industry-leading low pressure drops, high flow rates, and maximized filtration efficiencies – the core qualities of optimal filtration.

Our customer needed to significantly reduce diesel engine oil vapor pollution without sacrificing engine performance. We created a diesel-water separator with excellent fuel compatibility, superior thermal stability, and flexible functionality – for boosting the performance of an existing system or as an entirely separate unit. Our solution met EPA standards, achieved 95% single-pass water removal efficiency, and maintained high performance through 500 hours of on-engine use.