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Controlled Release icon Controlled Release

To hold or contain a specific volume of fluid and permit its release in a controlled manner

Items that people use each and every day rely on the accurate release of liquids. Many personal care, fragrance delivery, and ink control products would fail to work without functional solutions for managing the storage and output of liquids. And the complexity of these solutions can be easy to ignore. Seemingly basic designs can require a sophisticated interplay between different types of porous material components, each performing different functions, in order to produce a dependable system for controlled release. At Porex Filtration Group, we apply our material science expertise for controlled release solutions used across industries.

Our customer needed to comprehensively improve the ink extraction performance of their inkjet printer cartridges. We developed components, including inkjet cartridge wicks and reservoirs, that worked together to improve ink extraction while maintaining optimal leak resistance. Our solution offered maximized controlled release at high resolutions with minimized environmental impact – all at lower production costs.