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Contamination Control icon Contamination Control

The use of specialty wiping products to control contamination according to specific cleanroom requirements

Cleaning can be easy to overlook as a critical function, but for critical environments, cleanliness can mean the difference between failure and success. In a variety of industries, specialty wiping products eliminate contamination in workspaces with highly specialized cleaning procedures. Biotech facilities require static-free wipes with low metallic ions and no chemical residues, ensuring the accuracy of test results. Medical device manufacturing requires validated sterile wipes gamma irradiated for surgical sterility and subsequent patient safety. Porex Filtration Group's comprehensive line of cleanroom wipes and wiping products control contamination in the most critical environments and can be customized for any application.   

Our customer needed a specialty wipe for optics manufacturing that was durable enough for use with multiple solvents but soft enough for specialty lenses and coatings. We created the world’s first cellulosic, binding-free, spun-bonded, nonwoven fabric wipe – offering lint-free and static-dissipative cleaning with high chemical resiliency. Our solution gently eliminated particles, lint, dust, and corrosive ions without scratching delicate optics surfaces, all while remaining impervious to a variety of solvents.