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Our Work

Solid Solutions for Fluid Challenges

Porex Filtration Group's parts and components solve our customers’ most challenging engineering problems.

And the need to control and regulate liquids and vapors isn’t limited by industry – and neither is our work. Just a snapshot of our solutions across industries includes:

  • Life Sciences: a host of forensic media and contaminant control products
  • Ink Control: essential parts for writing instruments and inkjet printer cartridges
  • Health Care: surgical equipment components, advanced wound care dressings, and waste removal systems
  • Personal Care: skin care products, hair dye applicators, and pregnancy test wicks

Automotive filters, nebulizers, and plug-in air fresheners have something important in common: they depend on Porex Filtration Group for critical functionality.

Innovations for Customer Success

Creating custom components, prototypes, and modifications is the crux of what we do.

We apply our bonded and non-woven fiber, polyurethane foam, and porous plastic material technologies for great ranges in capillarity, porosity, permeability, and a host of mechanical and chemical properties. Our US-based R&D center and teams of product development engineers work closely with customers to create customized parts and components down to the most specified detail.

On behalf of our customers, we have:

  • Optimized writing instrument ink laydown
  • Increased surgical device lens clarity
  • Enhanced printer system ink extraction
  • Improved the accuracy of pregnancy tests
  • Boosted diesel engine performance
  • Simplified cleanroom maintenance and so much more

Global Reach for Worldwide Speed to Market

With regional headquarters, manufacturing facilities, and sales offices across the United States, Asia, and Europe, we have independent supply chains and a world-class distribution network that offers 97% on-time delivery for customers across the planet.

And no matter where you are or what we produce, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 10993, and ISO 13485 compliances ensure the highest levels of product consistency and quality.