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Our History

Growth through Innovation

Porex Filtration Group began with innovations in bonded fiber.

In 1960, we created writing instrument reservoirs that redefined ink control performance. We carried that technology over to the healthcare market in 1984, becoming the industry-standard for pregnancy test wicks.

Over the next 24 years, we continued to evolve, deepening our material science expertise and expanding into liquid and vapor handling solutions across additional industries.

Today, our comprehensive range of porous materials and custom engineering services enable the essential functions of products used around the world.

History Timeline

Porex Filtration Group has been known by several different names since its start in 1952.

  • Brothers Robert and Hugo Bunzl founded U.S. Filter Corporation in Virginia and Filtrona Filter GmbH in Germany, both of which later operated under Bunzl plc.
  • U.S. Filter Corporation changed its name to American Filtrona Corporation (AFC) in 1965 and was later listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 1972.
  • In 1984, the cross-ownership between AFC and Bunzl plc was dissolved. The relationship between the two was reestablished in 1997 when Bunzl plc acquired AFC.
  • The non-tobacco fiber products of AFC and Filtrona Filter GmbH were then combined under Bunzl’s Filtrona International division.
  • The fiber products division of Filtrona International became Filtrona Fibertec in 2003.
  • Two years later, Filtrona Fibertec’s parent division, Filtrona International, demerged from Bunzl to form Filtrona plc and became a separate, publicly traded company listed on the FTSE 250.
  • The present-day Filtrona Porous Technologies was created in 2008 when polyurethane foam maker Lendell Manufacturing, Inc. was acquired and added to the bonded fiber business.
  • Filtrona Porous Technologies introduced porous plastic in 2010, growing the portfolio of technologies.
  • The 2012 acquisition of Korea-based Jae Yong Co., Ltd expands Filtrona Porous Technologies' portfolio of writing instruments components.
  • The 2012 acquisition of Lymtech Scientific expands Filtrona Porous Technologies' technology solutions to include specialty cleanroom products.
  • On June 26, 2013, Filtrona plc changed its name to Essentra plc, reflecting its core mission of producing small but essential parts and components that perform critical roles in customer products.
  • On October 12, 2013, Filtrona Porous Technologies officially changed its name to Essentra Porous Technologies.