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About Us

Simply put, our material science expertise makes our customers’ products work.

Porex Filtration Group is a world leading producer and distributer of the essential components that control liquids and vapors in products used in homes, offices, operating rooms, and beyond.

Global market leaders across industries such as Crayola®, Newell Rubbermaid® and HP® rely on our porous material manufacturing and skills in customizing liquid and vapor handling components. 

Innovation is at the core of Porex Filtration Group. Our dedicated R&D center in Richmond, Virginia, works with product development teams across the world for new and improved solutions in liquid and vapor handling technologies.

And our worldwide manufacturing presence, with establishments in three global regions, enables 97% on-time delivery to customers in 57 different countries and counting.

But our achievements in product consistency truly set us apart. With quality control labs and ISO compliances at all of our facilities, we offer a 99.97% quality yield that you can count on.